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Australia Workshop Tour – 2014

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Workshop Title:  Leading Quality Change

Michael Fullan draws on his cumulative insights about change initiatives over the years to identify the most powerful ideas associated with success. Key strategies that integrate quality ideas with quality change processes will be presented as they apply to concrete change situations.

Participants will learn about effective approaches to each of the following levels: within school success; success across schools and regions; and how to relate to the state and federal levels. Specific examples will be examined at each level. Next generation reform will be identified related to factors that will deepen and accelerate learning required for future societies through powerful new pedagogies linked to digital resources.

Module One:     Core Insights about Integrating Good Ideas and Effective Change Processes

Module Two:     Success within Schools and Communities

Module Three:  Effective Leadership in a Digital Age

Module Four:    Success at the Network and System Levels


October 27 – Melbourne – CSE

October 28 – Melbourne – NPDL (closed)

October 29 – Melbourne – Department o Education and Early Childhood Development (closed)

October 30 – Hobart – NPDL (closed)

October 31 – Hobart – Department of Education Tasmania (closed)

November 3 – Parramatta – Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (closed)

November 4 – Sydney – NSW Department of Education (closed)

November 5 – Sydney – NSW Department of Education (closed)

November 6 – Brisbane – Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (closed)

November 6 – Brisbane – Pearson National Learning and Teaching Conference 2014

November 7 - Brisbane – Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (closed)




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Three Keys to Maximizing Impact: BLC Interview, Boston

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Filmed at the Building Learning Communities conference in Boston, Michael talks about the role of the principal and the three strategies they need to practice to move forward. Fullan says that for principals to have impact they need to participate as lead learners, contribute as system players, and develop push and pull skills to be effective change agents.

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Daily Edventures: Anthony Salcito Interviews Michael Fullan

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In this interview with Anthony Salcito, Michael talks about his new work with Greg Butler and New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

NPDL is a global initiative launched by Fullan and Greg Butler, in partnership with Microsoft and number of other partners. The goal was to recruit 10 clusters of 100 schools to “identify, apply and diffuse new pedagogies for deep learning accelerated by technology.” In other words: create a global education reform movement. In just six months, school clusters in the U.S., Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Uruguay have joined, with many more in the process of joining.


July 2014

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Education Plus: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Whitepaper

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Michael Fullan and Geoff Scott co-authored the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Whitepaper: Education PLUS.

Published by: Collaborative Impact SPC, Seattle, Washington
July 2014

For more information about New Pedagogies for Deep Learning visit www.newpedagogies.org.
© 2014 Collaborative Impact

Creative Commons Attribution‐ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Education Plus – A Whitepaper July 2014 (1)



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