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Education Plus: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Whitepaper

Michael Fullan and Geoff Scott co-authored the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Whitepaper: Education PLUS.

Published by: Collaborative Impact SPC, Seattle, Washington
July 2014

For more information about New Pedagogies for Deep Learning visit www.newpedagogies.org.
© 2014 Collaborative Impact

Creative Commons Attribution‐ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



A Rich Seam: How Deep Pedagogies Find Deep Learning

The report by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy is the first in a new series of publications published by Pearson. It addresses the challenges encountered when trying to implement new pedagogies on a large scale as well as providing examples of changes happening in classrooms, in schools and across a few education systems. Foreword by Sir Michael Barber.

Pearson, January 2014



The Power of Professional Capital

Co-authored with Andy Hargreaves, the article is adapted from a keynote address at Learning Forward’s Annual Conference, Boston, December 2012.

JSD, Vol 34, No 3, June 2013



Commentary—The New Pedagogy: Students and Teachers as Learning Partners

LEARNing Landscapes, Vol 6, No 2, Spring 2013



The New Pedagogy: Students and Teachers as Learning Partners

Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy, On behalf of The Global Partnership, June 2013



Alive in the Swamp: Assessing Digital Innovations in Education

Co-authored with Katelyn Donnelly, Affordable Learning Fund at Pearson, this report is published by Nesta in the UK and NewSchools in the US.

Alive in the Swamp provides an actionable guide to learning technology that will allow founders, funders, and teachers to make better decisions. It identifies persistent gaps in innovation activity and points to what needs to be done if we are to finally make good on the promise of technology to transform learning. We argue that we should seek digital innovations that produce at least twice the learning outcome for half the cost of our current tools, and to achieve this, three forces need to come together. One is technology, the second is pedagogy, and the third is change knowledge, or how to secure transformation across an entire school system.

The core of the report is the development of an Index that brings these three elements together, and which allows us to systematically evaluate new digital innovations.  We hope that the Index will be used to guide decision making, policy making and innovation effort.



Great to Excellent: Launching the Next Stage of Ontario’s Education Agenda

As Special Advisor to the Premier of Ontario, Michael Fullan reviews key aspects of the nine year journey working with Premier Dalton McGuinty and sets the stage for the next phase.




In Conversation – 21st Century Leadership: Looking Forward

An interview with Michael Fullan- Volume IV, Issue 1 - Fall 2012

Lead the Change Series, Q&A with Michael Fullan

AERA Educational Change Special Interest Group – Issue No. 16 – February 2012

What America Can Learn from Ontario

Michael Fullan – 2 pages

Reviving Teaching with ‘Professional Capital’

M. Fullan and A. Hargreaves in Education Weekly – 3 pages


Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform (Summary)

Michael Fullan – 6 pages

Driving Change Starts with Ignoring Advice on How to Drive Change

Harvey Schacter in The Globe and Mail  - September 2011 – 4 pages

Whole System Reform for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Michael Fullan – October 2011 – 5 pages

Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform

Michael Fullan – May 2011 – 22 pages

Learning is the Work

Michael Fullan – May 2011 – 7 pages

Motivate the Masses: Experiencing is Believing

Michael Fullan – September 2011 – 8 pages

Putting FACES on the Data – What Great Leaders do!

Journal of Staff Development (JSD) – Lyn Sharratt & Michael Fullan – December 2011 – 14 pages


Capacity Building for Whole System Reform

Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn – 2010 – 5 pages


Reflections on the Change Leadership Landscape

Michael Fullan and Alan Boyle – Prepared for the National College for School Leadership – 2010 – 14 pages

The Awesome Power of the Principal

National Association of Elementary School Principals - March/April 2010 - 4 pages

The Role of the District in Tri Level Reform

International Encyclopedia of Educational Change - 2010 - 9 pages

Positive Pressure

Second International Handbook of Education Change - 2010 - 14 pages

The Big Ideas Behind Whole System Reform

Canadian Education Association - 2010 - 4 pages


Breakthrough: Deepening Pedagogical Improvement

Article prepared for Myth, Rhetoric, and Ideology in Eastern European Education - 2009 - 12 pages

The Problem of Incomplete Leadership Development

Michael Fullan – 2009 - 12 pages

Personalized Learning

Michael Fullan - 2009 - 13 pages

Leaders Grown from Stresses

Times Education Supplement - April 2009 – 2 pages

Large-Scale Reform Comes of Age

Times Education Supplement - Journal of Educational Change - April 2009 - 13 pages

The Fundamentals of Whole-System Reform: A Case Study from Canada

Michael Fullan and Ben Levin - Education Week - June 2009 - 3 pages


Have Theory Will Travel

Change Wars - 2008 - 19 pages

Education for Continuous Improvement

Patio-Revista Pedagogica - 2008 - 8 pages

Strategies for Education Reform: Chinese Connections

Dream Beyond the Pacific – Special education publication to commemorate the Beijing Summer Olympics - 2008 - 8 pages

School Leadership’s Unfinished Agenda

Education Week - 2008 - 6 pages

Purposeful Action at Work

Introduction to Challenge of Change - 2008 - 12 pages

From School Effectiveness to System Improvement

Journal für Schulentwicklung - 2008 - 12 pages

Energizing Ontario Education: Summary

Ontario Ministry of Education – Summary Report - Winter 2008 - 2 pages

Energizing Ontario Education

Ontario Ministry of Education – Full Report - Winter 2008 - 16 pages


White Paper on Education: Reaching Every Student – A Smarter Ontario

Michael Fullan - 2007 - 15 pages

Teaching Effectiveness: Expanding the Solution

Regional Educational Laboratory - Midwest Summit on Connecting Teaching and Leading - 2007 - 11 pages

Teachers for Teacher Excellence Debate

Michael Fullan - 2007 - 6 pages


A Literacy Leadership Tool Kit - 2007 - 3 pages

Change is in the Air

Connected - Summer 2007 - 2 pages

Change the Terms for Teacher Learning

National Staff Development Council - Summer 2007 - 2 pages

Ontario Pins Hopes on Practices, Not Testing, to Achieve

Education Week - October 2007 - 5 pages


Critical Learning Instructional Path: Assessment for Learning in Action

Carmel Crévola, Peter Hill, and Michael Fullan - Orbit Magazine - 2006 - 5 pages

Change Theory: A Force for School Improvement

Centre for Strategic Education Seminar - Series Paper - November 2006 - 5 pages

Leading Professional Learning

The School Administrator - November 2006 - 5 pages

Unlocking Potential for Learning: Project Report

Co-authored with Carol Campbell - The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat - Ministry of Education Ontario - May 2006 - 35 pages

Quality Leadership <-> Quality Learning

Paper prepared for the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) - 2006 - 24 pages

Unlocking the Potential for Learning: Case Study Report

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board
Co-authored with Carol Campbell and Avis Glaze
The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat
Ministry of Education Ontario
2006 - 31 pages


8 Forces for Leaders of Change

Michael Fullan, Claudia Cuttress, Ann Kilcher - JSD, Fall 2005, Vol.26, No. 4 - 6 pages

Resiliency and Sustainability
The School Administrator - February 2005 - 3 pages
Professional Learning Communities Write Large
Chapter in ‘On Common Ground’ by R. Dufour, Robert Eaker, Rebecca Dufour (Eds).Bloomington, Indiana, National Education Service pp. 209-223.
2005 - 10 pages


System Thinkers in Action: Moving Beyond the the Standards Plateau

Forward by David Hopkins - Innovation Department for Education and Skills, UK National College for School Leadership, UK - December 2004 - 24 pages

The Tri-Level Solution: School/District/State Synergy

Education Analyst–Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education - Winter 2004 - 2 pages

Leadership Across the System

Insight - Winter 2004 - 4 pages

Grade Expectations

Article published in Toronto Life magazine - October 2004 - 4 pages

School Britannia

Article in The Globe and Mail - May 2004

New Lessons for Districtwide Reform

Co-authored with Al Bertani and Joanne Quinn for Educational Leadership - April 2004


Core Principles as a Means of Deepening Large Scale Reform

Paper prepared for the Department for Education Skills - December 2003 - 16 pages

Using Data in Leadership for Learning

Article co-authored with Lorna Earl for Cambridge Journal of Education - November 2003 - 12 Pages

The Hope for Leadership in the Future

July 2003 - 6 pages

The Schools We Need

A policy audit of education policies in Ontario commissioned by the Atkinson Foundation - January 2003 - 16 pages


Principals as Leaders in a Culture of Change

Paper prepared for Educational Leadership, Special Issue - March 2002 - 16 pages

The Three Stories of Education Reform

Paper prepared for Kappan Professional Journal - April 2002 - 9 pages

The Change Leader

Article prepared for Educational Leadership - May 2002 - 6 pages

Spiritual Leadership: Moral Purpose Write Large

Paper prepared for the University of Toronto – School Administrator - June 2002 - 8 pages

Leadership and Sustainability

Paper prepared for the National Association of Secondary School Principals - December 2002 - 9 pages


Accomplishing Large Scale Reform: A Tri-Level Proposition

Unpublished paper with Carol Rolheiser, Blair Mascall, Karen Edge - November 2001 - 26 pages

Implementing Change at the Building Level

Paper prepared for W. Owings and L. Kaplan (eds.) - August 2001 - 8 pages

Whole School Reform: Problems and Promises

Paper commissioned by the Chicago Community Trust - June 2001 - 17 pages

Saving Our Schools: The Classroom in Crisis

Article in Maclean’s Magazine - May 2001 - 7 pages


The Role of the Head in School Reform

Paper prepared for the National College of School Leadership - June 2000 - 7 pages

The Role of the Principal in School Reform

Paper prepared for the Principals Institute at Bank Street College - November 2000 - 24 pages


Technology and the Problem of Change

Paper prepared with Gerry Smith (River Oaks Public School) - December 1999 - 17 pages

School-based Management: Reconceptualizing to Improve Learning Outcomes

Paper prepared with Nancy Watson for The World Bank: “Improving Learning…” - August 1999 - 32 pages


Educational Reform as Continuous Improvement

Paper prepared for the Keys Resource Book, NEA - November 1998 - 14 pages

Educational Reform: Are We on the Right Track?

Paper prepared for the Canadian education Association - Fall 1998 - 7 pages

Leadership for the 21st Century: Breaking the Bonds of Dependency

Paper prepared for “Education Leadership” - April 1998 - 6 pages


Coordinating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies for Educational Reform

Paper prepared for “Systemic Reform” - September 1994 - 7 pages


Why Teachers Must Become Change Agents

Paper prepared for “Educational Leadership” - March 1993 - 13 pages